Ukraine is Burning for Their Freedom

by splork on February 18, 2014

“We want to be free from dictatorship”
“We are civilized people but our government are barbarians.”
“No Internet and we will be alone here.”

This woman is unbelievably brave. Kiev is burning. The freedom fighters deserve our support as best as we can give it.

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Dave February 25, 2014 at 3:26 pm

The *western* half of Ukraine wants freedom. The eastern half – and Crimea – not so much.


splork February 26, 2014 at 10:11 pm

@Dave – Yea and I’m not so sure I along with millions of others weren’t duped with this video. There is a lot of CIA – Russian, spy vs spy, EU and US bullshit happening over there. Who knows who wants freedom and why. The video is too slick for some grassroots, in the trenches, freedom fighter to make.

Like most things in media, it’s all bullshit.


Barry March 23, 2014 at 5:41 pm

Hi Splork,

Do you have any follow-up comments on what’s been going on in Ukraine?

My take is that Putin is trying to build Russia back to where the Soviet Union was, at least in terms of being a “bad boy,” before the whole country collapses.

Russia is nothing more than a mob-run country; God help the Ukrainians if the Russians take over the country — as looks likely.



Mike June 11, 2014 at 5:58 pm

Love this – “Russia is nothing more than a mob-run country; God help the Ukrainians if the Russians take over the country — as looks likely.” I happen to agree somewhat but … you could substitute U.S.A. for Russia and it will still work. No offence to the American people intended.
I use a simple method to look at seemingly complicated matters – and I admit to being severly infected with the cynic virus! Follow the money and you will have some insight to the big problems of the world.
Apply this to any major conflict, past or present and you will find some truths.
Lets look at Ukraine a few years back – big uprising of the people, some color of revolution. First off Russia threatened to shutt off the natural gas – clue no.1. Fast forward – they are doing it again, but now 30% of the natural gas for western Europe flows through Ukraine. Would anyone like a piece of this market? Who has lots of “New” sources of natural, perhaps shale gas. So much that they need to find an export market – perhaps with people in a “special relationship” – substitute the ones who always agree with the big boss country (special is only a one way relationship).
There is money to be made and they can get one over on the old enemy.

All of this is bullshit – as always we concentrate on the wrong things, not just in countries like Ukraine but all of us in this world. Have we not learned anything from the past couple of hundred years of accurate history? Freedom, equality, justice – seriously? Who will die in Ukraine, riled up with nationalist fervor, either for Russia or the Ukraine? Poor people, fucking pawns in the big boys games. Same as always they will kill and die for lofty goals, while governments and billionaires do the dirty deals. Have ordinary people got accute amnesia or just slow to learn about our great leaders? If you are on the street in Kiev or Detroit are you any less free – with which government will you be better off?
Love your country? Great, but get real – it doesn’t love you, people love you.

Sorry for the rant Splork!


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