Grammy’s Highway to Hell

Re: Grammy’s

AC/DC opens. Sings “Highway to Hell.”

Pan to audience sing-a-long.

Truer words never spoken for pop culture.


It Is Not Racism – It is Statism

Like many folks I’m drowning in the media’s obsession with race. You can’t turn on the TV without hearing about the Ferguson mess or the cop strangling Garner. I’m white so it’s easy to assume that I’m just a dismissive honkey who doesn’t care about the plight of the black man. Actually I care about the plight of Americans.

Racism doesn’t exist in the way the media, government and race hustlers portray it. Fact is the word racism means nothing because it hasn’t been used correctly in 50 years. Not everything is about racism. It might be about prejudices or bigotry but not necessarily about racism.

Hitler wanted a master race. THAT was racism. The KKK thinks whites are a superior race. THAT is racism. The New Black Panthers believe that blacks are superior. THAT is racism.

If I decide not to help a black man get his car out of a ditch simply because of his color that makes me a bigot, and an asshole. If a cop decides to strangle a black man because of his color then that makes him a bigot, and a criminal.

Everybody has their prejudices. I am prejudiced against smokers. I will not visit a smoker’s home. I won’t ride in their car. Nor will I stand next to them. If he’s black that doesn’t make me a racist. It just means I don’t care to associate with people reeking of cigarette smoke.

I think Obama sucks as a President. I abhor his policies. It doesn’t make me a racist. It makes me a Tea Party conservative, which by the way also does not make me a racist.

Funny how a “racist” country can vote in a black President but since he’s been at the job fewer than 10% polled says race relations are better.

Funny too how a supposedly racist political wing can vote in a black Senator from a southern State. Lots of racial things don’t add up but it doesn’t fit the media and political narrative of social divisions in this country.

Interesting how southern Democrats were the most bigoted bunch of damn folks in the country yet the political and media narrative protects that fact. Republicans were the ones who ended Jim Crow laws. Republicans freed the slaves. The KKK was a political wing of the Democrat party. Yet Republicans are the racists. Right.

Frankly I think that people are deriving a considerable amount of power and some may be making money off of fomenting racial strife in this country. If I was black I would be insulted to be used in such a manner. But I’m not and I pretty much just shrug my atlas watching the theater.

Cops behaving poorly is the lightning rod for the racial tension. I don’t think it has a thing to do with race. I think it has everything to do with a militarized police force. We’re focused on the wrong thing folks. That said I wouldn’t dismiss blacks behaving badly in poverty. That is a problem that seems nobody wants to solve, most of all Democrats who keeps them on their entitlement plantation. Yes I went there. But the entitlement plantation is not just reserved for blacks either. Plenty of poverty to go around for all races, just how the government apparently likes it.

What exactly did we think would happen when the DOD gives all this war armament to militarize our civilian cops? Law enforcement is on a power trip. They no longer protect the Constitution, they serve the government. Two wholly different things. They know they can pretty much behave like they want because the thin blue line and union will always have their back. The justice system will protect them.

It doesn’t seem to me like they respect those they supposedly serve. The only thing they half respect is a camera. That is the only thing protecting the people from cops.

Now, I’m sorry if you are among the cult of worship for cops. Most likely far more than not serve honorably. Unfortunately hardly a day goes by where I am not treated to a post showing brutality, ignorance or sociopathic tendencies by some member of law enforcement. And honestly what is it with cops and shooting dogs?

Judge Napolitano made a comment recently as he was pimping his latest book saying: “when cops fear for their safety over serving then you have tyranny.”

We are close to a police state in this country. Not quite there, but we are close. It will only take a bomb going off in a crowded mall before you start seeing cops rolling the streets in their MRAPs, setting up checkpoints, initiating curfews, etc. Who knows how much suck there will be? And the Constitution will have breathed its last.

So no, I don’t think this is an issue with race and law enforcement. I don’t think America is inherently racist. I think the government has gotten too big and intrusive. It’s not racism. It’s statism. The government and their media operatives would just rather you focus on their racist squirrel.


The Real Estate Saga That Hinders Me from Oraganizing Words in a Pleasing Arrangement

About six months ago the missus and I decided we were tired of paying over 4 figures each month for a mortgage and in particular one in a subdivision. It was time to downsize into a place a little off the path, close enough that I could conveniently travel over to collect my wages for staring at a computer monitor each day, have some space to grow a few tasty veggies and keep the monthly outflows well under $1k per month in mortgage services.

This daunting task of a first world magnitude has been all-consuming.

The hunt for houses meeting our criteria was exasperating. They were either too far out for convenience or too costly or needed too much work or were quirky or were in neighborhoods I wouldn’t spit in.

The good homes in the $150-175K range were getting snapped up in a days time. A few had a contract on them before we could even get our real estate lady mobilized to see it.

We finally lucked out one morning as I was spinning through the listings. We earlier discovered a website that was the first among all the realty pimps in getting the roof and wall structures listed. We’d cruise that site about every hour hoping something would pop. One did and I called my wife and said go see it. She stopped by and picked up the real estate lady and within an hour she was calling me saying “get your butt over here and check this place out.” Two hours later the owners had an offer in their puffy mitts. A month later, after I had drained our savings, we were the dubious owners of two houses.

The home is in a neighborhood next to an undesirable neighborhood full of hundreds of small homes. We understand that it is one of the most dense neighborhoods in TN. Truly a nightmare. The absolute opposite of a well regulated subdivision. Well, if you turn left you can visit the squalor. If you turn right and roll through the woods you enter into a neighborhood off the beaten path of nice homes on 1+ acres. These homes are filled with folks who never sell until they relocate due to age.

This home has space inside and out. We’re quite taken with it and feel we’ll be happy occupying that location for the next 10 years or so.

So what about our old mortgage obligation? Oh yea, we still have that. As stressful as finding a new home was trying to sell our current bucket is stress times 3.

See we were arrogant enough to believe that since few houses in the $250K range are available this home would get some play. The kitchen is gourmet. The least expensive house in the neighborhood. Plus we are close to one of the most desirable school systems in the county if not the metro area. We have also been told that our subdivision is muy bueno.

Strangely we’ve pretty much only showed the house to older couples. The perfect house for a married couple with 2.2 kids and all that has viewed the joint is old people. Not a single person has given a thought about the kitchen.

I’ve decided that everyone under the age of 30 these days is servicing their six figure college loan and everybody eats out.

The stats over the last few months, for our area, shows that under $180k and over $300k homes are selling. It’s always location. If this home was on the ritzy side of the south metro area then it would be gone in a week. Then again it wouldn’t be a $250k home but more likely a $300k home. Then again if it was in Manhattan it would sell for $125 million.

Anyway, a single older lady loved the house and viewed it three times over the course of a couple of weeks. She made a weak offer and we haggled back and forth until she got it for $5k less than we listed it. On contingency of course. She has her own digs to sell. We think she can unload it quickly since it is an upgraded under $200k home in a nice location. Then again what the hell do we know? We didn’t figure to sit on our house for three months wondering why nobody wanted to buy it either.

So if there is any joy to servicing two mortgages is that we have been able to move our load over to the new digs incrementally over the last month. We cleaned out our attic, gave away, donated and threw out stuff. Halleluiah. I was able to build shelves and add flooring to the new attic. It’s nice not to be rushed to move. Anything not valuable or not needed has made the journey.

Next weekend we have decided is our pivot date. Carpet for the girls rooms is being laid next week. DISH is coming out at the end of the week and needs TVs and units that they will be running service to. At the point when stealables were occupying space in the house was when we’d make the move official. We’re scheduling two dudes and a truck to move a few heavy items like appliances, chest of drawers and such. They should be able to load a 16 foot truck and get it done in one trip.

So there is my TMI update.

I had hoped to flog this blog on a more regular basis but my mind has been occupied with this real estate nonsense. It feels like it is coming to a close so I am getting more relaxed and hope to find more interesting things to converse about.



Glenn Beck Announces His Illness and Vile Sociopaths Cheer ~ A Disheartening World

Last night Glenn Beck made an announcement to his audience that he was in poor health. He reported that he had an unfortunate autoimmune disease that, among other things, affected his brain. He decided to let his audience know what has been going on since there has been noticeable changes in his performances, over the last 18 months or so. For four years he looked for a diagnosis. The good news is he found one.

I thought his admission to be one of intimacy between himself and the audience that supports him. His fans. I believed his sincerity and wish him God speed and good health.

Unfortunately many of his detractors took to the interwebs to mock him in the most vile, sociopathic ways.

Not everybody likes Glenn Beck. Those on the left *hate* him. It’s all good political fun. But there is a line that should not be crossed in a decent world. A world that we clearly do not live in.

Virtually all major media outlets reported on Beck’s illness. The glee in the comments that came forth celebrating a fellow human being’s suffering was incredibly disheartening.

That we are so jaded to think that everything is about popularity or ego is sad. What exactly would be gained from Beck talking to his audience about his health? His show is not Nielson ratings dependent. He didn’t show any commercials for the full hour. Maybe he loses some advertisers due to his health.

I know it’s not a popular opinion but I find the man authentic. Funny thing about authenticity is that people respond to it. It’s why his subscription model works and others can only dream about that level of success. Online and offline media are desperate to understand it. As corny as it sounds Beck loves and respects his audience. FoxNews, CNN, Google and Yahoo couldn’t give a shit about anybody or anything but money and power.

Anyway, this well-placed collection of words is not about Beck and his content machine. It’s about a sadness I feel about how people treat other people. It’s particularly disgusting online. There is a sense of anonymity that people enjoy hiding behind to launch their cowardly insults.

I may or may not agree with anything you might say but that shouldn’t mean I treat you like crap. Nor should it mean you treat me like crap. The political discord is repulsive in this country. It infects everything. When a dude gets on his show and shares his illness and suffering with his audience, which by the way, you aren’t typically part of, and the best you got is “ratings ploy” or “darn, too bad he’s going to live” etc., ad nauseum, well, Houston, we have an enormous problem.

As the more cultured and classy generations before us stated: “If you don’t have anything nice to say just don’t say anything at all.”


A Glorious Defeat of Obama’s Socialist Agenda – America Has Said Enough

Today we feast for tomorrow we surely die. I enjoyed the ass-kicking voters provided Democrats in the elections yesterday.

Obama was pummeled in 2010 by the Tea Party wave. Today he tries to recover from a vicious beat down. His socialist agenda is done. He no longer has the support of tired old hag Pelosi and mafioso vulture Reid. It was glorious.

But does America really win? I mean with Boehner leading the House and McConell the Senate, just how is anything going to change up there? The old GOP establishment is fully in control. The establishment actually repudiated the Tea Party in the primaries so it’s not like constitutional conservatives will be heard.

The Republicans won because Obama sucks. He is a communist radical and people are sick of it. It’s not American. But they didn’t win because they have any great ideas.

Obamacare doomed the Democrats. Countless libs have been driven from office since it passed. 25 of Senate Dems who supported it have been driven from office. They just didn’t get it. They jammed that piece of crap legislation down our throat and now we are happily projectile vomiting it right back in their face. Can it be over-turned? Not likely but it’s fun watching the consequences of it prior support.

I was thrilled to see so many Republican governors win. Re-election of a female Indian-American. Re-election of a female Hispanic. Diversity? Sure we got that. First black female elected to House. Tim Scott, first black Republican heads back to the Senate. Heck the GOP even has the youngest female ever elected heading to the House.

You want to see real racism? Go have a look on Twitter at what liberals, both white and black, have to say about Tim Scott getting elected. Unreal. If I had a dime for every time “Uncle Tom” was typed I’d be living in a chalet in Italy tomorrow.

So what happens now? If the GOP is smart they will take all those bills that were stacked on Harry Reid’s desk and march them over to Obama’s veto pen. They should stand united against any of Obama’s egregious executive orders that are harmful to the country.

The mainstream media are having a difficult time crafting a narrative that supports their Dear Leader this morning. Holy cow MSNBC was like an SNL skit last night. They were so sad and in complete denial.

It feels good to see the Obama policies in flames. Reid is pissed lashing out at the President which is hilarious. Debbie Wasserman Schultz is a complete failure which is fantastic. So many wonderful fails to gloat over.

But what exactly have we won? They all support militarism, taxation, spying on us, inflation, redistribution of wealth, Keynesian economics and corporatism.

Today you will commit, on average, three felonies without realizing it. The federal register is filled with regulations that would take 20 lifetimes to read. You think we are over-regulated now? Oh man, wait until Obama unleashes his fury at the American people in the next two years.

Anyway, hopefully the elected will listen to the American people. The mandate has spoken. Now that the children are kicked out of the house let’s hope some adults can repair the damage.


What I Was Thinking While Watching Gilmore Girls

I consume a garbage pail full of dark TV shows. That fact occurred to me when as I was sitting down to watch Gilmore Girls.

The marital unit thought I’d lost my mind. “Why are you watching Gilmore Girls? Are you leaking testosterone?” No, I remember the show as being sarcastic and funny. Indeed, I need a break from death.

Compare that to current favorites like The Walking Dead and Supernatural. Comic book fare that is dark and violent.

The contrast is rather startling. I don’t think people have much noticed as we have been normalized and desensitized to Hollywood’s grind into the cultural abyss.

Sex and violence. The gore being showed on crime and horror shows is unspeakable. Homos have come roaring out of the closet to take their place along side the heteros in the sexualized race to the bottom.

It’s why I re-discover The Waltons, Star Trek, Gilmore Girls, Northern Exposure. People back then, even as recent as the 90’s, used to say TV is too tame. Too lame. Why can’t we have more gore? More nudity? More cursing? Why can’t late prime time be more risque? Be more like cable?

Well we made it. TV has taken every immoral act known to Romans and programmed it. Murder, adultery, nudity, drug abuse, theft, cheating, lying, etc. There are so many channels and programs on TV that the only way to get anybody’s desensitized attention is through (moar) sex or violence.

It’s consumers fault because Hollywood executives wouldn’t program this stuff if there wasn’t an audience for it. They serve money and are not responsible for your morality.

Regardless, it’s too much. The pendulum has swung so far over into the vile that TV just leaves me feeling awful. “Turn off the TV” is a champion mantra. I don’t mind watching TV. I’m not one among the high grounders that refuse TVs in their abodes. Alas, in an era of 500 channels I wish there was more choice.

I’m done with reality. I’m tired of comic books. I’m over sex and violence. I’m sick of political agendas. I despise cop shows.

Just give me a Cosby Show every once in a while. Make me laugh in the wholesomeness of a Gilmore Girls. Challenge my imagination with a Star Trek. Invite me into your quirky town like Northern Exposure. Spook me with the X-files. I promise I’ll still watch The Walking Dead.


Finding Direction

I am sick of Buzzfeed-type lists.

  1. 13 Cars That Look Like a Poodle
  2. 7 Ways That Google is Like a Turd
  3. 21 Types of Sticks to Fix Your Roof

And I was actually going to write a post about it. In fact in this very location was a paragraph where I attempted to reminiscence  about the amusing back and forth between the sewage masters and literary clowns over “content is king”.

It was boring.

And it made me realize that I am at my mediocre best writing as a grumpy curmudgeon. I find that unfortunate.

Even worse I am direction-less as a writer. Internet marketing, that which this blog was founded upon, is just not that interesting to me anymore. Everything else is political or religious. I don’t care to write about either.

It’s not that I don’t find them interesting it’s just that I’m tired of slogging through the competition that every topic brings. It’s all about winning. You can’t have a civil conversation, and heaven help you if you disagree, without someone labeling you. You’re a racist. Bigot. Sexist. Homophobic. Islamaphobe. Ultimately that is the win. Being labeled.

“What, you don’t agree with men in pink tutus and dildo necklaces parading their gay down mainstreet? Why hell, man you are a bigot and homophobe.”

“Umm, no, you just make it difficult to ignore you if I choose to.”

“You’re just intolerant and you’re a racist too.”


I’d like to discuss principles but few people have them. Certainly politicians do not. But only because the people do not demand they have them. This country has been lost since Woodrow Wilson. Too much government control. Too much media influence.

I actually think that the only way this country will find freedom again is through technology. Government is desperate to control the Internet. Silicon Valley has to take the lead and embrace their true libertarian bent.

Either government will heavy-hand Silicon Valley slamming egregious regulations on the industry resulting in a fabulous nerd revolt OR they will roll over and stick their snout in the big government largesse trough embracing their former university communist leanings. I think it may go either way. As it is the Valley really stands for nothing but money.

Anyway, my writing style reflects my sarcasm and cynicism. A decent collection of words get placed in better position when I have something to be snarky about.

I look forward to one day writing something a little more interesting, less cynical with about the same sarcastic flavor.


The Web In Pursuit of Life, Liberty and Happiness in a Liberal World of Decay

People have asked why I don’t write much anymore. It’s not that I don’t it’s just that I don’t care to participate in this Inter-web thing much anymore. I long for simpler times. Every rotational period this floating orb consumes I find myself loathing what the world is becoming and missing the promise it once had.

My world is the U.S. I observe my existence through the prism of a decaying society, grotesque culture and corrupt governments. Collectively we have relented our pursuit of life, liberty and happiness to the government for security.

The young only want government safety, selfies and pleasantly rolled joints. They care not for freedom. The government approves because if they had balls they would be marching on the streets of D.C. en masse to protest the crushing debt they will inherit. But they are uneducated, compliant and docile.

The now aging hippies have (mostly) achieved their liberal nirvana in environmentalism, atheism, feminism, socialism and multiculturalism wrapped in stifling regulations and political correctness. Well done assholes. Since you obviously don’t read history allow me to remind you what happens during communism and fascism. Death. A lot of it. See Mao, Stalin, Hitler and Pol Pot.

My generation. X. Raised on Reagan-eque leadership and freedom is caught between these two massive communist donkeys.

Self-medication involves turning off today’s culture and politics. There is only so much of watching the most corrupt and incompetent President this country has ever had I can take. One beheading from the Islamic berserkers watched back in 2004 was enough to last me a freaking lifetime. I cringe at the pornographic degrading culture shoved down our throats on TV and in music. We are so numb to it that no one thinks anything about it when half naked models make sweet love to their hamburger in commercials.

I find it ironic that as much power as the web has in freeing humanity we have virtually been enslaved by it. The biggest farce is the term “social media”. May as well call it anti-social media. People’s self worth is affirmed by how many likes they receive for their selfie. Please re-post, comment and like me!

I remember the days of actually talking on a phone. In fact I remember land lines. There was a time, not too damn long ago, where you would boldly ask for a girls phone number. You would find a time when no one else was on the phone and shakily dial the number. God, please don’t answer. No, please answer. You would press the receiver into your ear and hear, “Hello?” Your voice cracking as you hear her father on the other end. Oh crap. Oh crap. “Mr. Jones. Um hello. Hi, um this is Splork. May I um, um speak with Angela? Please?“…”ANGELA! There’s a boy on the phone. You got two minutes!”

Somehow you ended up with a date. Today you don’t even have to talk to anybody. Getting turned down via text or email is nothing.

Anyway, I’ve always suggested that the web is a sewer. Obviously it is not in its totality. Plenty of pipes are gummed up with social media crap, porn and the like but there are many more stainless steel numbers than sheen with the glory of rainbows and unicorns. I find value in some aspects of the web. Videos to help me create this and fix that. How glorious! Reviews. Online purchasing. Fascinating writers. Research. Photo galleries.

I’m getting to the point that I abhor comments. Anywhere. On anything. It’s toxic. It’s degrading. It’s gross. It’s bullying. It’s disgraceful. Something as simple and entertaining as a video of a baby elephant falling down and two mama elephants rushing over to help it up becomes a pitched political battle. Everything in Amerika is political.

Yea as I get older I get more fuddy and duddy. I seek authenticity. Spending time with family and friends means more. I look for opportunities to serve. Where we’ve been seems more interesting than where we’re going, though where we’re going is more important than where we’ve been.

Love and liberty baby. That’s where it’s at.


Friday Contemplations

Re: Ebola
Doesn’t every disaster movie start with a government official type saying “don’t worry we have everything under control” at a press conference?

Re: Islam
If Islam was a “religion of peace” wouldn’t its most ardent and fervent supporters champion peace?
They do not. And it most certainly is not.

This world is a freakin’ mess.

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Kindle and the Perma-free Dance for Glory

I had an idea for a series of ebooks for Kindle. You know, the path these days to riches and all that. Fiction of course. Romance of course. You know, just like all the other get rich quick writers are slinging into the path of Kindle readers the world over.

Hey they sell. No doubt about it. Find a character or substance that really gets the herd moving and you’ll wish you had more hands to scoop up the coins.

It’s the reason why outsourcing of stories and book covers is going gangbusters. People are making money writing fiction plots for the unimaginative writer. Isn’t that an oxymoron?

So I wrote a story arc over 4 ebooks. I hadn’t had a ton of luck with non-fiction books. Fiction, they say, is where the action is. So I wrote a steamy story. Then another. And another. And another. I linked them together. Dropped the first into KDP select or whatever for the free Amazon promotion. Nothing. A follow up sale here. Another there. I got a check from Amazon Brazil for .32 cents. Ridiculous really.

I had heard that perma-free was the way to roll. So I gave that a whirl. About 4 months or so ago I dropped the ebook on some other stores and priced it at zero. After about a week they were accepted. I then went to Amazon and price matched the ebooks. Nothing happened. I did it again. And again. Over a few months. Just trying to price match my shitty little books.

A week ago I got an email from Amazon saying they were dropping my book from KDP Select. I had no idea what that meant. Eff it. A couple of days ago I went in to my account with, honest to goodness, the intent to unpublish my books.

I looked at my dashboard and there was these lines bouncing all over the place in the graph. The top one showed over 50, 100 each day of the number of free books being downloaded. The graph below showed the sales. Holy crap. I was selling 3, 6, 10 a day. The perma-free gig kicked in.

Since the books are 99 cents I’m literally making peanuts. But I found it interesting that after all this time, almost a year with this stupid book series, that the hoop needed to jump through was making the first book perma-free. Amazon doesn’t give you the option to price it for free so you have to price match it from somewhere else that does allow listing it for free.

How stupid!

Anybody without a name is having to do this exact same tactic to get their books moving. Why the hell doesn’t Amazon just let people with, say 3 books, price one for free? It’s always some bullshit trying to make a buck online.

Thus ends the fourth lesson. Thanks for reading.



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