Ukraine is Burning for Their Freedom

by splork on February 18, 2014

“We want to be free from dictatorship”
“We are civilized people but our government are barbarians.”
“No Internet and we will be alone here.”

This woman is unbelievably brave. Kiev is burning. The freedom fighters deserve our support as best as we can give it.


Five Rings of Victory and Defeat

by splork on February 18, 2014

I love the Olympics. Go U.S.A.!!

That is all. There are events to view.



Writing a Kindle Book is Easy – Selling that Bitch is Hard

4 February 2014

As you might have guessed I have a little more than passing interest in writing. The best things I have ever written were those collections of words that I just spewed across the page without regard to my narcissism or monetary intent. If I think about whom, if anyone, will read my stuff then I […]

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I Am Grateful for Scotland

26 January 2014

Last weekend we drove my oldest daughter to the airport for her semester long study abroad in Glasgow. She was sad to go. We were sad to see her leave. Such is the cycle of life. As a parent you don’t want your kid to grow up too fast but you also realize that they […]

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I Like Freedom

21 January 2014

There are very few days where I don’t feel like blood is going to spray out of my eyeballs after dealing with big government or big business. It is amazing how normalized we have become for our lives being controlled and regulated by these intrusive entities. I wonder why more people do not rage against […]

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Google Marries Plus and Email in an Unholy Union of Privacy Hell

10 January 2014

I still have no idea how Google+ works. At this time I am glad I never bothered. Supposedly Google has updated their wonderful social service to integrate with Gmail. The idea is that you should be able to contact a fellow Google+ user without the need to share email. All those asshats that you have […]

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