Reports of My Demise are Mostly True

by splork on May 27, 2014

I haven’t written in a while which happens to not be regarded as the best way to cultivate readers. I find it rather humbling that even a single person would bother reading this well placed collection of words. The trouble is Lost Ball has always vexed me in terms of what content to spew. I’ve always had an interest in taking this thing someplace glorious but the raft continues to drag itself along the bottom of the web sewers.

Internet marketing is dead to me. In terms of chasing Amazon payouts and Google SEO and creating webpages for affiliate programs, it’s done and dusted. The industry guberus have moved on and are schlepping high priced training programs on writing Kindle books and creating ecommerce sites. Nothing changes. The place to be is to sell the tools to the gold miners. The sellers get rich and the miners go broke. The same as it’s always been for the last 10 years.

It’s funny but even after all these years I still have not stumbled across anything that I would want to create a so-called authority site on. My criterion is thusly: It has to make money and I have to want to create content for it most every day. No I do not believe that just because you are passionate about something the money will find you. And frankly it can’t be soaked with competition with far better talent than I. Like say photography.

Like everyone else I am a photographer. Like everyone else I fancy myself as one day becoming a professional photographer. I get a kick out of taking photos. I like processing them via Lightroom. I like making videos. I like processing them with Sony Vegas Movie Studio. I like pretending that I am creative. I’m not but it helps fire those neurons that are mostly dead in my brain matter. But seriously, how many more YouTube videos, Facebook pages and websites does the Web need on the subject?

The best decision I made back in the day was not quitting my job when I was raking in the monthly IM payouts. The second best was squirreling that cashola into savings accounts for my children and their futures into college or whatever. They will not be among the indebted graduates of higher learning.

I have had the same job for the last ten years. Thanks to government regulations I am employed. If America wasn’t embracing its burgeoning oligarchy I wouldn’t be collecting a paycheck. For each new government regulation hundreds if not thousands of jobs are created in private industry to placate some bureaucratic dickhead. It creates a barrier to entry which the gatekeepers in business love. Big business loves big government. I collect a safe paycheck from the unholy marriage.

I’m not idle. It’s interesting how much self-taught experience one can develop building years of bullshit web sites. Opportunities find me for writing content and web site consultations. I have better things to do than flog gigs on Fiverr or compete against cheap labor on Elance but I will play for those that can pay.

Culture interests me. Unfortunately today it is saturated in politics. I hate politics but feel I need to stay involved, informed, in the bile.

I am fascinated at the rapid rise of cultural and political Marxism in the United States. Political correctness is silencing words to a degree that I would have never thought possible in this country. I am fascinated at how corrupt our government has become. I am fascinated how militaristic our police have become. Even alphabet soups of government harassment like EPA, IRS, etc., have SWAT teams. Why?

I am fascinated at how impotent the media have allowed themselves to become. I am fascinated with the rise of communism on college campuses. The rebels on campuses are now Christians, conservatives or libertarians. How things have changed.

I am fascinated by the gay mafia. I am fascinated by cultural immorality. I am fascinated by feminism and the smear of white males. I am fascinated by the lawlessness of the current administration. I am fascinated how everything is racism.

I’ve said it before but this country is truly a Lost Ball in High Weeds. I’ve considered running this blog with my whines concerning culture and government but that shit is exhausting and polarizing. People can go on HuffPo or Gateway Pundit if they want an argument and troll comments. Plus there is no way to make money on the topic.

Hell, maybe I’ll just make it a blog about golf.


Ukraine is Burning for Their Freedom

by splork on February 18, 2014

“We want to be free from dictatorship”
“We are civilized people but our government are barbarians.”
“No Internet and we will be alone here.”

This woman is unbelievably brave. Kiev is burning. The freedom fighters deserve our support as best as we can give it.


Five Rings of Victory and Defeat

18 February 2014

I love the Olympics. Go U.S.A.!! That is all. There are events to view.  

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I Am Grateful for Scotland

26 January 2014

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I Like Freedom

21 January 2014

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