You Might Like Instant Curator But It is Not For Me

by splork on July 20, 2012

I have been keenly observing the flow of stench through my beloved web sewer. Content curation is floating by in increasing numbers from upstream discharges. I have little problem with content curation as I partake in the activity to fill my various web pages with borrowed and original content that I feel like sharing. Today I have received emails from a few guberus I remain connected to via email for a WordPress plugin called Instant Curator.

Let me say straight away the plugin appears professional and quite well made. The publisher is a stand up guy that is actually one of the good guys in my opinion. I think if you have a blog and you are trying to fill it with content then this will work.


This is not for me. Nothing ever is of course.

I am not trying to fill a page with crap simply to fill the page in the effort to chase a monetized click. There will be hundreds of goobs buying this thing thinking that grabbing an article, spinning it, adding a blurb from Twitter, posting a video, posting an ad from Craiglist and writing, “Hey, check this out”, that they have created a quality curated post.

Collecting a bunch of shortcodes on a new post is not exactly original. It has no soul.

Look, the few of you who uses the tool for creating a meaningful post knows what I’m getting at. I’d say you guys don’t need this tool anyway.

I’ve mentioned the joy of using Alerts to find news or videos. If you are doing content curation you will already have a load of websites you visit to get ideas to SHARE information anyway.

You don’t need to create some franken-post filled with related crap. Curate the right way.

Seriously, who is going to read a post filled with a load of spun articles, news, Twitter, video, ads, you, the reader and probably Google, eventually, knows that is made to collect a click? Yes much like auto-blogging, which I assume this replaces, the idea is to quickly create shit so you can move on to the next blog. Speed. INSTANT. Hurray up and get it posted and move to the next spammy delight. I know that is not what the publisher, or even owners, intend but that is where it will go.

Yes, absolutely, this tool could help you create something worthwhile. And if you buy it, use it in that honorable manner. 95% of users will not I reckon.

But, you know, if you are already curating content, then you don’t need shortcodes. You already have your list of sources that you read each day. You already write original content and quote your sources.

I can’t impress upon you enough how simple content curation is. If you have an interest in something, sharing information and writing about it is a snap. You don’t need a plugin.

Just another of my nickels I thought I’d throw out on the table for the three people that read this slop.

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Jack Folsgood July 23, 2012 at 2:03 am

Hey Splork,

Excellent points all around – I too use “curation” here and there – always trying to add some value where I can, but….

Speaking of “spammy delight” have you seen PinRanker Pro?

I might even write an article about it.

No question it will do what it says, but what I imagine is thousands and thousands of “pin bots” all spamming each other…. Holy Shit – it’s the Epitome – not… it’s the “Holy Grail” of bot spammability.

The guy will probably make a quick fortune off it though. Kudos to him for that, but I too am tired of all the b.s. out there – the guys who have been around long enough who know how to take advantage of the unwary – the gullible.

Shearing the Sheep as they say. Chumps – all of them.

I’d be interested to hear your thoughts on it….



Belinda Pepper July 29, 2012 at 2:14 am

I haven’t seen this plugin you mention, but I’m gonna throw my two cents in anyway.

Content curators (and pretty much any Internet Marketer who spews forth unoriginal content to make a buck) kinda make me think of a concreter miming brain surgery.

The concreter picks up the scalpel and starts making his incisions. But he doesn’t care about brain surgery. Heck, he doesn’t even know what he’s doing. But he knows brain surgeons make a lot of money, so he fakes it.

End result… not great for those on the receiving end. And when the concreter gets thrown out on his ass for committing this atrocity, he cries, “UNFAIR! I was just trying to earn a living!”

Online content should be written by people who write because it’s what they love to do, and because they’re good at it. Would you still do it if you had to do it for free, or for pennies at most? Anyone who answers “no” should get the hell outta web-town.

If you’re gonna be a content curator, needing a plugin tells me that you’re a concreter doing brain surgery. If you really wanna share content with people, do it for the love of sharing, and add your personal flare.

“If you have an interest in something, sharing information and writing about it is a snap.”

This is the problem- people try to switch it up, and therefore need all the help they can get:
“If you have an interest in *making money*, sharing information and writing about it is *bloody hard work*.”


Robert C August 6, 2012 at 1:48 am

No rambling diatribes on Google from me today. Just wanted to drop you this note. You may of heard about this already, but Milton Friedman would have been 100 years old this year…

Since I know that you are a devotee of the free market and all (or most) things that lean to the right – I thought this particular video was of special importance.

In just two minutes and twenty four seconds, Uncle Milty schools Phil Donahue about the virtues of capitalism. Keep in mind that this interview goes back to 1979.

The philosophy that Phil spews out of his pie hole is pretty much the same argument that we are having today.

Despite the overwhelming evidence that free markets and those who pursue their own self-interests is the best path to prosperity there is still a constituency of committed leftists who think that
socialism in the hands of the “right people” or Government can work…

I just wish there were more people like this on the talking head channels today that could articulate economics and capitalism as rationally and intelligently as Milton could.

Phil Donahue Interviews Milton Friedman

Bon Appetit….

Robert C.


splork August 6, 2012 at 2:34 am

@Robert – Yea it’s a pretty famous beat down of one of the more famous liberals back in the day. Glorious in fact. There are quite a few economic-types that follow Friedman but few are in a position where it matters. The statists on both the left and right are adherents in Keynesian economics. Free markets are mostly a dream in the West as regulations and market manipulations gravely curtail its use.


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