Update: The Ball is Still Lost in the Weeds

by splork on December 28, 2012

Merry belated Christmas and Happy New Year to you who are bored enough to visit this collection of nicely-organized words. For those in the United States of Crapola, hold hands with your family and neighbors as we get shuffled off the cliff by our imperial federal government. It is laughably pathetic how utterly stupid and dangerously power hungry the people we send to Washington are. Freakin’ bunch of sociopaths.

Anyway, a new year approaches. I don’t participate in resolutions. First off the new year day is just a day on a stupid calendar. It means nothing but what we assign it. Second, resolutions seem like a way to create needless future guilt. They hardly ever stick. I see these resolutionists clogging up the gym during January not to be seen again the rest of the year. Why does it take January 2 to get ass moving?

2012 was a boring year. I neither advanced or backpedaled in my inclination for collecting online coin. I stopped slinging WordPress blogs filled with affiliate crap and Adsense and instead added to my flotilla of Squidoo lenses.

Squidoo was amazing during Halloween. It somewhat sucked ass during Christmas. A disappointment for me really. I started building affiliate Tumblr blogs with product that I pinned to Pinterest and tweeted to Twitter. I also re-blog on Tumblr, adding an affiliate link to the product (shoes, coats, sunglasses, etc) as it’s posted to my Tumblr. Folks love Tumblr and Pinterest. I’m helping them acquire the physical product of their digital dreams. Or at least that is the idea.

I believe I’ve recently discussed a lukewarm interest in Kindle. I think if you are inclined to write you might be better off putting your interest to work in Amazon’s world than trying to survive in Google’s dystopia. I hope to find the motivation to begin this operation in earnest. I think the potential is great. Foremost if you are going to create an ebook why would you put it out on PDF to sell on Clickbank? It will quickly get stolen by any number of forums and you won’t see a freakin’ penny more in sales. Use Kindle and you are spared that indignity.

I really like Kindling by Geoff Shaw. He has a particular focus on fiction books which is helpful. I’ve never written books before but this resource is very good.

I have long detailed my disgust with the Warrior Forum but I have to say that the premium product offered by Bryan Kumar, Warrior Book Club, is also rather grand. It’s not so much a WSO but a club of sorts. If I can’t get it done with the guidance of these then it’s not to be.

2013 is the first year that I haven’t read a bunch of cheerleading from the guberus how it will be the best year ever. I believe, in fact, it to be the worst year ever. The economies around the world are likely to suck, particularly in the US. That may effect your affiliate sales. I think Google is going to continue to damage the little guy’s opportunity for success. The stale methods of creating cash from days of yore are done. I think Amazon’s self-publishing platform to be a reasonable opportunity for making an honest online buck.

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Jack December 28, 2012 at 8:32 pm


The herd is turning… And still plenty of opportunity for those who are willing to work.

1)Kindle e-books, e-books on Google Play and other App platforms including the newest whatever it is (coming?) from Microsoft.

2)Business and website APPS of whatever variety – your own niche app – book – short report – or building one for a local business.

3) Lots more affiliate products for the foreign markets – especially in Health Supplements. So by default this becomes “Foreign SEO” which happens to be a lot easier to rank and/or not get slapped away from all of that juicy “free traffic” that big G can bring – at least for now.

Treacherous waters it can be…. but few make money without working and taking a risk every now and then.

Check out smallreportsfortune.com – I seem to remember reading some of his stuff and it seemed to be viable information for getting your words published on the e-book platforms as noted above.

Glad you’re still at it…



Jeff Bezos December 28, 2012 at 8:39 pm

Too late for Kindle. If you’re starting now, you’ll have a helluva of climb. There’s way too much free stuff out there and folks just don’t seem to be buying e-books like they did in early 2012.

I’ll sell about 10 e-books on Amazon this month over 50 titles both non-fiction and fiction.

Just sayin’. You might get lucky.


splork December 28, 2012 at 10:35 pm

@Jack – I’m not much into app development. I think that’s where it’s at but I’m no coder. I’ve noticed that the health supplements is still viable, that’s for sure. Folks keep coming back and making a purchase which is cool. If you can find that one product that folks love you’re golden for many months while they keep buying over and over.


splork December 28, 2012 at 10:37 pm

@Jeff – You’re right. No use trying.


Meg December 29, 2012 at 4:24 am

Well, 2012 was the worst year ever for me so I hope 2013 won’t be. I hope it’s not asking too much to just be able to see above the weeds by the end of 2013.


splork December 29, 2012 at 4:25 pm

@Meg – the problem is that the herd is used to using Google. Google is in the game for money. They will endeavor to place (free) resources that will not compete with their click for cash scheme at the top of search. Which is why you always find shit like Wikipedia at the top of the listings. Or You Tube. Or commercial enterprises that spend money on Google ads. It is a very tough row for the little guy to hoe.


Brett January 4, 2013 at 2:22 pm

Happy new year Splork!

Over Christmas my sister was showing me her Kindle Fire. You know, as soon as you turn it on, the thing is showing you something to buy – my sister knows nothing about online marketing but even she twigged that you didn’t even have to unlock the screen to go to the store to see the featured item!

My sister spends a tonne of cash on that thing.

What will 2013 bring? For me, well I’ve quit my job and in 2013 I’m moving to Asia. There will be a million and one business opportunities out there. Who cares about Google and FB when neither of them have much clout in my adopted country!!!

Many of my sites got smashed in the Panda update last year, but I’m glad I saw the writing on the wall for niche sites and started a membership site back in Q2 2012. That site is now my best hope for 2013 and beyond, as is switching from AdSense to better monetization methods.

I think larger companies/the economy in general will have a good 2013. Well apart from Microsoft and anyone associated with the PC dinosaur (Dell, HP etc. etc.). Microsoft was a one man company – Windows 8 is terrible and the Bing Ads signup page has an unsolveable captcha. Imagine my rage if I was Bill Gates!!! Away from tech, ordinary folk are gonna have to start buying the stuff they’ve patched up and made do with since ’08. Cars, sofas and even things like roof tiles don’t last forever.

Google’s 2012 Q4 could be a shocker, although I believe that putting those arrows on their AdSense ads has probably saved it from being a catastrophe. You’re never too big to dumb down. It’s funny but Panda/Penguin and being your typical American prudes (needless adult content warnings etc etc must have cost them a few million bucks in lost AdSense revenue) must be hurting them hard. It’s also telling that I’ve not seen a blockbuster AdSense click for at least 6 months.

Making Money Online for the little guy will get tougher than ever. I can’t see Google rolling out any major updates though as their search results are really dire now. Forum posts from 2006 anyone? Well if you search for something like “VPN services” then that’s all you’ll see now! Sheesh, even DuckDuckGo can get this stuff right.

Finally it’s funny but we’ve come full circle. In 1995 the wired up masses were playing in walled gardens (e.g. AOL), now in 2013 the masses are glued to the content in FB and Amazon.

If I was starting out now, I’d focus on FB. Mind you, even that’s getting saturated in a lot of niches.


splork January 6, 2013 at 12:47 am

@Brett – I’d like to move as well but it’s just not the time. I’d like to get away to a less expensive and regulatory country and live simpler. I am at the breaking point with my job. I really have to find something else to do. I don’t make enough online anymore to support a family so quitting is not a really smart option. I should probably motivate myself and freelance and sell my services but I’m too exhausted and frankly sick of the Internet/computers/etc.

Good luck in your endeavors.


Jason January 16, 2013 at 12:09 pm

Publishing is the way forward, with my first book (228 pages) since launch Aug 2011, its grown month on month starting at 3 sales in month 1, to 659 sales Dec 2012. The last 12 months its pocketed me approx £25K in profit. My book is not cheap though. With books and Amazon you have to give great content and value. If you follow the lazy model and get someone to write it for you in a week and sell it for 0.99 cents, forget it. Like anything you get back what you put in.


Diane January 24, 2013 at 4:07 am

Hi Splork,
I am retiring from slinging crapola and shutting down all my websites. I just can’t stay interested long enough to make enough money to justify the whole stinking mess. Remember Vic Franqui? Well I am one of many who got taken by that rotten crook. Fortunatley I only risked $100 total, but I know others lost more. If you go to http://founders.victorfranqui.com you can sit and stare at the nonworking forum – it has been that way for months. I wonder if he actually ever really sold zobids as promised. I am too lazy to do a whois search to even find out. I do have his address in Michigan in case anyone wants to communicate with him. I am no longer interested. You told us all years ago to not follow that guy – wish I would have listened to you…

Happy New Year


splork January 24, 2013 at 2:29 pm

@Diane – re: Vic. Ugh. Had no idea that guy was still around. Internet marketing has really taken a toll on a lot of folks. The small content providers have just been decimated. I completely understand and wish I could stand here and tell you not to give up, but the whole enterprise is completely rotten.


Eric @ ShuckaBuck.com February 19, 2013 at 2:23 am

@Jeff – I don’t know how 50 books on kindle CAN’T be making at least $3,000/mo. You must be publishing the wrong books in the wrong categories with horrible covers, descriptions, and reviews.

It’s all about your title, cover, description, and reviews when it comes to selling on amazon. Right now I have 18 titles and those make me between 2k and 2.5k a month – and I haven’t lifted a finger in over 3 months (okay, that’s a lie – i did redesign a cover, and publish a “3 for 1″ book which is a compilation of one of my series…but other than that, haven’t done sh*t).

@Diane – I always disliked Vic, he seemed like the guy going for the short bursts of cash via crappy spam sites and backlinking software that will make you pull your hair out (if you had any left after watching one of his videos).

@Splork – I highly suggest that you start writing for kindle. I started in January of 2012 and make well over 20k in profit with it…no joke. I think your writing style really does appeal to the masses – you just have to be smart with your cover, title, and use your online methods to get some awesome reviews. You would def kill it.


jo February 26, 2013 at 7:38 am

I am considering concentrating more on web 2.0 sites like Squidoo to sling my stuff. I am wondering if this is a good move rather than developing my own websites which is much harder to build and rank. I am wondering what kind of traffic you get from these sites? Which sites rank better with Google?
Love Jo


splork February 28, 2013 at 12:55 am

@jo – Squidoo is easy. Some folks think it has some juice in Google. I don’t know and get tired of worrying about whether Google likes Squidoo this month or next or not.

In my opinion, unless you are building eCommerce sites, you are going to have a huge problem ranking in a worthwhile position in Google. The old affiliate niche sites are dead to Google. Again, in my opinion. They are massively hard to rank and the “code” to ranking is always changing in their zoo.

That said, you can do quite well with Squidoo if you have a presence in Tumblr. Pinterest. Twitter. Facebook. I worry more about figuring out how to get people on Pinterest and Tumblr to visit my Squidoo lens than how to drive traffic via Google.

So, I drive Tumblr and Pinterest traffic to Squidoo. I link my Squidoo lens to niche sites (doesn’t seem to help much anymore) and eComm efforts.

You can make money with Squidoo depending on the product you are promoting. It’s extremely difficult to find the right niche, I think, but when you find it, it can be gold. Particularly if you can get the masses of younguns on Tumblr and Pinterest to follow the link and make a purchase. Follow the trends.

Hope this helps.


Chris December 11, 2013 at 12:53 am

Diane, I remember Vic Fraqui from back then and I may remember you if you are the same Diane. Did you also know a blackhat SEO guy named Bompa? If it’s you I can remember doing all of that link building with you with bookmarking demon and all that. I wonder what ever happened to Vic?

He did share some valuable information. He might have screwed a lot of people at some point apparently, but I know nothing about it. I read his blog back in 2008 or so and found him very entertaining and clever.


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