Throwing Sewage on the Make Money Online Rainbow

by splork on June 22, 2012

let's talk

Thanks for your prompt arrival smartly dressed in your finest suit and fedora. Let’s have a chat. A sewage-side chat as it were. Pour yourself a drink. You are among well-refined gentlemen and ladies. Honorable decorum fills these walls.

I find the disconnect between guberu and site slinger rather interesting. I reckon that the market for creating WSO’s, software, memberships and ebook crap to be rather robust. Guberus are making a ton off the misery of the average IM plebe. And I also reckon that the plebe is still stuck between “G” and “O”.

I suppose that far more money is being made by guberus than what is made by the plebes who buy into their system. Guberus are unapologetic at raping your bank account with a steady stream of product. They are stellar marketers. Professionals. The people that they are selling to are desperate. They want just a taste of online success. Most will remain a broke-ass cheerleader for their favorite cult of personality on the Warrior Forum waiting for the next dime sale.

I have no stats to back it up but just from the general mood of comments and forum posts, very few people are actually successful from guberu products. Those that are I might wager they are successful despite the product they purchased. Ever wonder why you seldom read on a forum “I just made $5,793 this month from using Azon Adsense Deluxe X Factor!” Then the same declaration month after month. You never hear people talk about the quantitative success from a product. Ever. They always comment or leave testimonials like “Can’t wait to try out this great product” or “I’ve bought every product byand he’s the best” or “This product is a marketer’s dream and with a push of a button will have you making thousands each month.” You never hear “I used Azon Factor Mojo for the last 7 months and have banked $47,937 at” You never have follow-up testimonials. Why? Because the product is shit and never lasts. Even if you make a dime it doesn’t sustain.

Are guberus bad people for selling shit to the herd? Not in a free market. Much blame can be laid squarely at the feet of assholes expecting to push a button and make a steady five figures. Once it doesn’t happen they move on to the next WSO. It is a perpetual jerk-off machine.

I think some guberus secretly hope people are not successful. If someone succeeds then maybe they don’t buy the next product. People that sell shit like Azon X Factor Pin-Sense bank on the fact that they can blame the failure on Google and then create some new shit that supposedly solves the next algorithm problem. Internet Marketing is genius. There are a ton of people that want to make easy money on the Web. Guberus to their credit have done very little to suggest that it can’t happen. They wouldn’t sell shit by telling people the truth:

“Dudes, I have this product to sell you but most likely you will get bored with it before finding any level of success. Building and maintaining websites that people want to visit is incredibly difficult. The competition you will encounter will rip your mustache off. You will most likely fail to generate any meaningful traffic to your site for months if not years and that assumes you stick with it. But hey, this product will help you find a keyword to use in your failings. Good luck.”

Are all guberus less than honorable? Not at all. I have a particular revulsion to Warrior Forum guberus. Your mileage may vary. Some rise above the flotsam in other venues. I am never immune from the hope that a service or product can make my life easier. However only on one hand can I list products that I have no problem suggesting helped me in my quest as a web sewer magician. The Keyword Academy is an obvious one. Affilorama is another.

I am a cynical bastard. I am that negative fucker that self-help dipshits point out not to associate with because I will stain your chi. However, I am like Nero. I see the Make Money Online rainbow for the web sewage that it is.

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Seth June 22, 2012 at 4:14 pm

I just quit TKA this month. Seems like the level of enthusiasm has eroded to an all time low and the forum is dead.

I was only there to promote their site anyway and with Penguin doing a number on me, I hardly have anyone to send their way.


Shuck @ June 22, 2012 at 6:03 pm

Another great post from splork – love it.

Seth – I think this REALLY may be my last month at TKA also. The only thing it’s actually good for now is networking with other people in your niche, but even that’s hard to find sometimes. Post runner is a lost cause, the keyword tool is okay, but I have keyword researcher so I don’t use it. Plus I don’t do keyword research much anymore. The forum is very dead indeed.


splork June 23, 2012 at 1:31 am

@Seth – Yea, it has it’s ebb and flow. Lots of folks are losing interest in the game. It shows in some of these forums which is a shame because that is where people should congregate and share pertinent information of success and failure.


splork June 23, 2012 at 1:31 am

@Shuck – Thanks for reading!


Affiliate Marketing is Dying June 23, 2012 at 2:36 pm

How in the world are we supposed to make money now ?? I have only one thing left to pimp to the world….but that’s taking it too far!


Jack Folsgood June 23, 2012 at 2:53 pm

+++ “How to make money in a post Keyword Academy World” – Only $7.95, but the price is going up fast – so get your now!

I’ll even throw in a couple of bonuses that you won’t understand – but they look good – and in reality are absolute crap and you’ll never use them. +++

The hard truth about business whether online or offline is that it is an ever changing thing. Those who haven’t “made it” and then “lost it” (at least once) have a hard time understanding that.

I’ll argue that KWA is still relevant, but (as has happened at least twice in the last 2 years) will have to change gears a bit.

I’ll still promote it – still accept guest posts through Postrunner – and still use the keyword tool, et al.

In the three years I’ve been full time making money online – I have found that Mark (and Court) are two of the most honest guys in the business and what they provide for a lousy $30/month is second to none.

For those who had an online income and have since lost it, I say quit whining and get to work – or go find yourself a job.



splork June 23, 2012 at 2:58 pm

@Death – It’s tough. The fun and games of throwing stuff out to the web because you found a groovy keyword and getting a few hundred crap backlinks are pretty much over. You sort of have to think of legit ideas I think. Work hard to build a website or two that really engages people and as a bonus gets found in the search engines. It is more difficult than ever and that is why you see people falling out of the business.


splork June 23, 2012 at 2:59 pm

@Jack – I agree on all accounts.


Jon June 23, 2012 at 11:21 pm

Hiya Splork,
After reading this post, well it reminded me of the fatcat blueprint. I visited the site for fun and lo! the ebok now is being given away for free –

Now why do you think Bertil is giving it away for free hmmmmm.


splork June 24, 2012 at 3:04 am

@Jon – That’s funny. At the time it was worthwhile. The jig is up now and the method does not work. May as well fill it with affiliate offers and give it away.


Brett June 26, 2012 at 10:19 am

I left TKA almost a year ago. There was too much resting on laurels there, although I miss the forum.

My 2010 sewage is coming back to haunt me. My best site is out of the big G (too much backlinking maybe) and HubPages have had another whim and now consider that my niche is out of favour. No matter – I’ll republish it all on my own sites and heed my warning that publishing stuff on other people’s sites is an arse idea if you’re playing a long term game.

I quit the warrior forum as well. I got fed up with the idiots and the big heads. Last straw was getting flamed by a senior member after I outlined my robust steps I was taking to get crappy scraper sites from linking to my site.

Quite honestly you’re better off not going in that site anyway. Just go outside and take original photos for your sites, or fire up a text editor and write something incredible.


Kerry July 9, 2012 at 6:51 pm


I just wanted to note the strange fact that your blog has dropped to near the bottom of the first page for the search term splork. So much for using social and search tendencies for serps. I only ever click on your site when search for the word splork.


Jez July 12, 2012 at 10:08 pm

Whats this a guest post from Salty Droid…. Or perhaps “The Salty Splork”?

I revisited TKA recently after a years absense, its over IMO. Bottom line, Mark does not have the answers, he is way behind the curve, postrunner is one blatent example of that.

After witnessing Google do a manual hatchet job on every noteable blog network he wants to sell slots on PRN via a public list of members sites. Idiotic and reckless, the final roll of the dice I think.

I dont think its possible to take a bunch of noobs ant get them earning these days.

When Mark, Court, Vic etc were riding high it was piss easy, BANS, EMD, 5 page MFA… Now its really hard to rank a good quality specialised site against a generic authority site that is not even targetting your KW.

The Guberus keep trying to sell “build a brand” crap. Its utter BS. The reason Eric Schmidt said “use brands” was precisely becaus scuzzy IM’s could not create the.

When Google say brand they mean high authority, massive type in traffic and navigational search.

Googles SERPS are ridiculous now, I have to use Bing more and more often now with page 2 of google often listing the same site 10 times, and again on page 3…..


splork July 12, 2012 at 10:53 pm

@Jez – tough to see the state of web marketing these days. It’s shit. It’s difficult. It’s competitive. Marketers aren’t making money with websites. They are making money from the shit they sell to people hoping to make money with websites. It’s incredibly fucked up. Google search is indeed awful. I prefer Bing as well.


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