Stop Writing Webpages for the Glory of Google – Sell Something Instead

by splork on August 6, 2012

Like many of you sewage dippers, I have long tried to figure out exactly what would be the best topic for creating a money hoarding delightful webpage. Seemingly since the dawn of affiliate marketing time there has been some joker who has thought himself worthy to provide the key to collecting the perfect niche topic.

Never mind that you could give a shit about 95% of the potential topics available to write your 444 words on. Nay fuckers, for you are to write about a passion.  About something you know. About something you are interested in. Why hell, IM goobsters will even send you a topic each month with all the relevant goodies for you to create that boss-ass webpage for monetary glory.

I concluded long ago that this was so much horseshit. You know the deal. Open up WebMD or or Amazon and find a subject that sparked an interest.  That niche which you could sub-niche. Maybe create that (said in a loud echo-ey voice) authority site. Then open up your keyword toolbox and figure out if enough people gives a shit or if Adsense was paying more than a buck a click.

You know this kind of marketing research just makes little sense. I’m not fan of trying to create a market. Whether I like something or not is irrelevant to how much money I can collect. Most of the shit I care about would be exceedingly difficult to make money in. I want to know what people like to buy.

You know, despite the zoological scat that Google provides us for their entertainment, niche sites still work. It’s not like it used to be but you can still get a sale or two from traffic within Squidoo, Tumblr or Facebook. Maybe you can get lucky with Google. Yahoo and Bing are still decent search engines.

Anyway, I don’t go looking for niches. I go looking for product to sell. Instead of researching through directories, categories, magazines, stores, etc., for a niche why not go to affiliate programs and see what sells the best? Maybe you don’t care a thing for vitamin D beta block douche but if you can get residual monthly cashola from some free-spending dipshit that does then maybe it’s worthwhile to create a few webpages (or videos).

I still see people struggling to find the perfect niche. In my contrarian mind I believe it to be the wrong struggle. Find something you want to sell then get busy selling that fucker. Stop running around trying to find some groovy niche you can ease into for the glory of Google. Quit trying to be an authority. It ain’t going to happen, pap.  Go to Amazon, find three diamond rings over $2K and sell the shit out of them. Go to some health site and find some nut bag full of nutritious weight loss properties that you can get some loser paying for a residual monthly plan.

Sell some stuff. Quit writing web pages. If you want to write then stop wasting time creating content for Google and become an author and sling some books up on Kindle. Build a blog and promote all those great books you are selling on Amazon.

Man, so many people worry about what niche topic to use to build a site on. Screw that. Worry about the product to sell into the marketplace. Now is not the time to be gentle about IM. Put that cart straight up in front of the horse and tell that fucker to push.

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RT Cunningham August 7, 2012 at 12:38 am

“tell that fucker to push”. God, I love it.

Speaking of becoming an author, I’m actually programming a website that will help people convert their prose and poetry to the Kindle formats. Once it’s done, I plan to use it myself to finish that epic novel I started a long time ago.


splork August 7, 2012 at 1:38 am

@RT – Thanks for reading. Your program sounds rather ingenious. Cool stuff.


RT Cunningham August 10, 2012 at 1:16 am

I stopped programming when I bought KD Publishing Pro. I wrote about it briefly here:

It was only $19 when I bought it. I’ve already tested it by writing a nonsense e-book. The only thing I didn’t do was publish it at Amazon which, by the way, is done through the software.

So… I really can’t beat it with a web-driven application unless I can do it better and I really can’t.


Jack Folsgood August 7, 2012 at 2:47 am

You nailed it Splork,

You said – “Quit trying to be an authority. It ain’t going to happen, pap. Go to Amazon, find three diamond rings over $2K and sell the shit out of them. ”

The point of any business is to MAKE MONEY. People forget (or don’t realize?) that internet marketing/marketing on the internet is a business.

Why try and sell 1000 x $10 products a month when you can often times make more money (easier) selling 10 x $1000 products a month?

I do dabble in the small stuff to test the waters at times, but more and more I am looking for keywords such as “parking lots for sale”.

Food for thought…



Norm August 7, 2012 at 3:39 am

Very true Splork!

But I am still building Authority sites but “targeting” specific products inside that niche. Basically every other content is a wrapper for the rest of the “top” selling products.

I doing is because, there are always going to be new hot products and having an established site already makes the promotion much easier in the future.



Seth August 7, 2012 at 2:41 pm

I’m sorry Splork but you are dead wrong. Everyone knows that authority sites are the ONLY way to go. Authority sites WITH a big social presence.

It isn’t even debatable. Every IM guru says so.

Never mind that it may take 2 years before you make your first dime. Never mind that in 2 years Google may change things up again and the gurus will then be preaching niche sites or 1 page sites. If you aren’t building an authority site and engaging your readers you aren’t a serious player in IM.

Authority sites and Kindle books = the only way to make money online in 2012. Don’t fight the truth. What the masses say and believe must be true.


Darren August 7, 2012 at 10:47 pm

“vitamin D beta block douche”

Crap, what is with you anti-guru guys, you always seem to find the things I sell as the examples for your rants.

On a more serious note, I have been subscribed for a while, and your blog posts (rants) are very funny. So I though I would drop my first comment in.



splork August 7, 2012 at 11:05 pm

@Seth – :)


splork August 7, 2012 at 11:06 pm

@Darren – Thanks for reading!


Brett August 9, 2012 at 10:16 am

Small niche sites are still doing well for me, and Fraser’s good content/no link building strategy is working very well.

I must say that I keep rather stumbling into my niches. While I can write about anything, I prefer stuff I’m passionate about, then I can write content like there’s no tomorrow. I don’t know about Authority Sites, but if you write as if you are The Authority in a niche then you’ll convert sales like crazy.

What else? Oh, The Big G smacked me this month – they suspended ad serving to a couple of my sites (content violation). Guess what? I found a load of affiliate schemes, rolled my own version of the Adsense ad server, and now I’m making more than I was before. Now I might take AdSense off most of my sites. Regardless, I can now sleep at night knowing AdSense is no longer 80% of my online income.

In my panic to replace AdSense I’ve also found a load of incredibly attractive CPA offers. As you say, I need to hunt out a good offer, then build content around it.

Funnily enough, my best new CPA offer isn’t even advertised by the vendor – I emailed them to see if they had an affiliate scheme. They do!


Jon August 14, 2012 at 11:22 pm

Google is now out of my vocabulary, let alone those shitheads fight to please Google. All my top ranking sites (including hubpages and squidoo) which were wiped out of Google territory are still ranking in the territory of Bing and Yahoo and earning a couple of dollars each day from Adsense (shame on Google) and 2 -3 sales from Amazon each month.

And with the situation above, common sense dictates to please the lesser gods who still grant me blessings rather than to please the ultimate god who changes his mind every now and then.


mark September 10, 2012 at 3:22 am

@splork When I am bored and have nothing else to do, I come to your website to laugh. Tonight is one of those nights. I did all kinds of useless boring stuff today like clean out the back of my ugly white cargo van with 10,000 dents and I think about the camping bed frame that I was supposed to redesign and build for our next camping trip. I had all the lumber out and measured it and then said screw it…too much work. It will just be easier to remove the frickin bench seat and and screw a sheet of cheap plywood across some supports. The supports are already made just like Hubs & Squids. The plywood fits like an old shoe in the back of the van. Why rebuild some crap when the lousy supports and warped plywood that I bought at The Home Depot already do the job?

Reading your sewage is more rewarding than building a beautiful bed frame in the back of an ugly white van. When we turn out the lights at night, we sleep just fine in our van with expensive goose down sleeping placed on top of pricey self inflating air mattresses that I bought from an affiliate site (my own). Who cares if the bed frame is not painted all nice? Our sleeping gear cost more than we paid for our ugly van. However, our ugly Ice Van takes us to some cool areas that even Google does not know about.


Shimura March 20, 2013 at 9:09 am

And here I was thinking I had the perfect niche site. Ahahahahaha!!! Are there really niche site selling diamonds from Amazon? Hell no.


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