Squidoo is Back in Play and Affiliate Blogging is Not Plus Coin Collecting With Kindle

by splork on October 3, 2013

Greetings from the American surveillance state where I watch in mesmerized horror as the worst Democrat and GOP leadership in our storied history lay siege to this once great nation. Where individual liberties were once championed have succumbed in bemused fascination into the Progressive totalitarian collective. Moral decline and cultural decay is rapid here. Political misery is unforgiving. A police state is drawing tighter. The Constitution lay in shreds. Lost ball indeed.

Try as I might Frankenstein will not rise. No amount of juice can coerce this beast to rise. I dropped an affiliate blog into the sewage and have seen no glory. I lamented the fact that I had so many lenses locked by my nemesis Squidoo. So I took the links and created multi-worded posts filled with wonder, awe and entertainment to see if I anything would stir. Nothing has though people on Pinterest are re-pinning the devil out of all the wondrous photos I have pinned.

I don’t know why I bothered. In my experience Google is a worthless mistress to court. We all know this but I had hopes that I could eventually get traffic into these blogs. Nothing doing. Plus for this exercise I don’t have the weight of Squidoo to help like they do with the lenses, so this blog flounders.

The funny thing though is that of the tens of lenses that I had created over the last 3 years, despite a sad number being locked out of the party by Squidoo, those that remained are doing pretty well in affiliate sales. If only this was a year long extravaganza. I make a nice handful  of scratch promoting seasonal products.

Therefore I bailed on my affiliate blog aforementioned above. I turned my attention back to Squidoo and am creating new lenses. With Squidoo’s new interface you quickly know what works. They tell you if you are overdoing the keyword stuffing. If your content passes originality muster. So, yep, I am creating more lenses, again. If you can get your lenses into their holiday magazines then you stand a reasonable chance at making some money. Moreover, lenses that have not been trashed have quickly moved up the lensrank ladder filling the places of all those lenses the service had thrown into the trash.

I simply cannot deal with Google and trying to get a website ranked. The money is far greater with a website beloved by Google but at least with Squidoo I can still write 1K words and drop a few money making offers on the page and reasonably expect to make a little money. In my current experience I cannot get a website (albeit thin) ranked. I do not have that problem with Squidoo plus I have the internal network working for me as well.

Interesting though how quick Google is to rank YouTube videos. That is where the effort should be made in most endeavors. I’ve created some videos of dubious quality that went straight to the top for chosen keywords. These were more of a test than anything of value. If you have the marketing skill this is still the best way I can see of getting people to sign up for email lists and to buy your crap. With the possible exception of…


I have written a handful of books and made a handful of sales. I have written everything from stale nonfiction books to erotica to children’s books. I can say without a doubt romance/erotica is a money maker.

I created the children’s books using royalty-free images and a few easy to read sentences to explain the story. Children’s books are a complete hit-or-miss. You just never know what a parent will buy for their kid.

Non-fiction is a miss. Though I must say I have tried to stay out of the diet/fitness genre which is probably a mistake.

There is a lot of cool stuff you can do with your Kindle books as many of you well know. For those collectors of emails it’s a great way to get more signups. Linking to your website is choice as well. Be creative and you can do quite well with ancillary items post ebook purchase.

So, my efforts are to create numerous novellas and children’s books in the hopes of staggering future passive income. I have kept my ebooks within the bosom of Kindle but will likely explore alternative distributors when the KDP contract expires. Some profess great success in doing so and others do not.

Apologies for the 2 or 3 who care about the publishing activities on this floating pile. I keep thinking I might come aboard and disperse more thoughts than just a rehash of the same spew. But alas it is not to be. I’ll endeavor to be more creative and carefully arrange words onto the site for future submissions.

Now hurry dear reader, The Amazing Selling Machine is LIVE!!!! and can be yours for a sweet, sweet low price of $3,497. Why even Tim and Steve have taken a break from their own expensive offerings and are apparently pining hopes on this flotsum. I ask you, dear reader, if Tim and Steve’s own stuff is so great then why do they promote Matt and Jason’s IM contribution to you? Yes, the circle jerk is alive and pumping.

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John Matenkosky October 4, 2013 at 12:09 pm

Thanks for the here’s-how-it-looks-right-now… you’re one of the few who does not speak with forked tongue… I’ll have the time to try the Kindle route before year’s end, so your views will continue to be appreciated…


hamid October 4, 2013 at 1:03 pm

Thanks for the great post splork. keep going.
The new year is comming what is your plan with squidoo to make some money promoting products?
How do you find the best product to promote?
How your own affiliate links is inserted into squidoo pages and staying with their rules?
Do you write article promoting the product or do you write on a subject which has a relation with the product?
What is your best affiliate platforms do you use when it comes to the commission made?
The squidoo page written with french language has any chance to succeed?

I am lost in the high weeds so i need help.
Your help will be very appreciated.



dave{not real name} October 16, 2013 at 12:06 pm

Hey man,

Been lurking about for ages reading your mind dump on here and has to say I love it -all so true full of wit and dry sense of humour which is something the USA usually doesn’t possess.

I have always thought this about such places was WarriorForum and all the shit in it. I have recently gone back this time as a Web Slinger offering the usual Free WSO to get a review then see what happens.

Well guess what…the Warrior Police said my stuff was Fraudulent and Scammy hahahahahahahahaha

I gave this stuff away and it was good ideas some which may have used a certain piece of software and I stupidly thought by using terminology to get more views like “BlackHAT” would be a cool idea.


I hate that place and am ashamed to go back to try and Fit IN – you need a thick skin and must be in the Clicky Crowd to make anything work for you.

God…its just not me but I tried, in fact Ive tried before and failed to make any money in that fucking place!!

The minute you Sneeze creativity you are SHOT DOWN – SHOCK HORROR YOU ignorant cock heads who buy an ebook about how to login into paypal and add a buy button for $9.95 I MEAN GIVE ME A BREAK.

Anyway thanks for letting me shout out somewhere (if you post this)

I look forward to more of dare I say it in case THEY ARE WATCHING your Controversial posts!


Jon October 29, 2013 at 7:28 am

Answers.com contacted me and will pay me $75.00 per article :) on my niche. I declined their offer cause I need to write 10 articles a month minimum and my (hectic and F***ck**ng) job will no allow and give me time.

This I realized I have to write my own kindle ebook LOL. I’ll publish it on December and hopefully will gather a pot of coins in 2014!

Thanks to Yahoo and thank to Bing for the traffic they bring ~ as for Google, to hell with their algorithm and let them use all the animals’ name to their foolish endeavor to fool SEO gurus.

Shame – Mayo clinic, about.com, answers.com and all the F***c*** ng big sites dominating the rank have articles who were written by no good people and were paid cheaply with no sense at all.

B***S*** then those no sense article will have an author at the end ~ MD, PHD, CPA, CGMA, etcetera etcetera – Google will hail them as authority articles ~ again my friends B***S***.

My friends in this Internet sewer let us be diligent, we are not here anymore to please Google but we are here to make money. Write something useful, avoid quick gratification (cause it no longer works) and trust Splork; trust me, everything will follow!

I shall now raise my sword and become a pirate! No spam, no WSO, No scam. I will use the power of my ship and the power of Amazon… to acquire goodies and traffic in the pirate way and make money.



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