Squidoo is Back in Play and Affiliate Blogging is Not Plus Coin Collecting With Kindle

3 October 2013

Greetings from the American surveillance state where I watch in mesmerized horror as the worst Democrat and GOP leadership in our storied history lay siege to this once great nation. Where individual liberties were once championed have succumbed in bemused fascination into the Progressive totalitarian collective. Moral decline and cultural decay is rapid here. Political […]

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Thoughts on Guberus Separating the Consumer Herd From Their Money

7 September 2013

My humble greetings to all top hats and garters. It has been a tumultuous week or so within the hallowed halls of Lost Ball. Decorum was summarily suspended as the decorations took their baffling French leave. A thorough management review was initiated which resulted in a change of stewardship. We are optimistic that the future […]

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Lost Ball Has Been Found Yet Again – Fear Not As We Tread Through the Web Sewers With Honor

4 September 2013

It’s not pretty but the damn thing is back. I’ve had more freakin’ issues with the content of this site than any other freaking blog I’ve ever owned. My last host hosed the site again, but luckily I made a copy of the WP import file right after I got Lost Ball back up. Groovy […]

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Lost Ball Floats Again

13 August 2013

As you select few who peruse this vestige of Internet marketing mediocrity have noticed, Lost Ball was sadly unavailable for the last few days. Through no fault of mine, and due solely to web hosting incompetence and lack of prompt support, the website floated lifelessly among the web sewage. After making a plea to support […]

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Web Sewer Magician Zigging While the Kindle Herd Zags

10 August 2013

I like to move across the grain. Zig while the herd zags as it were. I don’t really care to do the things that other people are doing, many times to my detriment socially and fiscally. I grind against the powers. I am not interested in dancing with the collective. I abhor socialism. I like […]

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The Wrecking Ball

26 July 2013

My Squidoo empire continues to crumble under the weight of their content wrecking ball. I suppose one could make the argument that Squidoo remains a worthwhile endeavor as it does reward quality but I’m not certain how easy it is for anyone but Squidoo to make money on the platform. As Squidoo continues to jump […]

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