A Short Story About a Short Story

8 January 2014

I could not believe that I had just typed “It was a dark and stormy night…” Just for kicks I added “and I felt the soft touch of her lips…” Oh yes, a mystery romance and potential best seller across genres. I laughed as I added “…before I noticed a glint of light and then […]

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Google Can Suck It While I Enjoy Outlook.com

16 December 2013

As you may know if you’ve spent any time perusing the well placed collection of words on this electronic pamphlet, I do not care for Google at all. Their malevolent attempts at controlling the gates to and revenue from the Internet repulse me. I endeavor to do all I can not to participate in their […]

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Exercising My Cynicism and Sarcasm

12 December 2013

I no longer seem to have a muse to write about. Over the years I could get myself worked up and blast the cesspool droppings otherwise known as Internet marketing. I am rather far removed from the activity these days though I still allow spam delivery from the latest crop of hucksters that every damn […]

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Breaker Breaker Got Yer Ears On Sonny?

5 November 2013

Greetings. I find it a shame that Americans are so distracted culturally to not be terribly upset that the President and his sycophants are lying to them. Boldly. Someone asked if there was something you could un-invent what would that be? If I were a worldly man I might say the nuclear bomb or some […]

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Checking In and Checking Out

2 November 2013

Good day from the formally liberty minded American experience now known as Soviet West. I trust you are reading this from an approved NSA terminal. A few people have emailed me asking me what’s up. What am I doing? Where the hell am I?  I appreciate the interest. I think some folks miss the good […]

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Squidoo is Back in Play and Affiliate Blogging is Not Plus Coin Collecting With Kindle

3 October 2013

Greetings from the American surveillance state where I watch in mesmerized horror as the worst Democrat and GOP leadership in our storied history lay siege to this once great nation. Where individual liberties were once championed have succumbed in bemused fascination into the Progressive totalitarian collective. Moral decline and cultural decay is rapid here. Political […]

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