Google Marries Plus and Email in an Unholy Union of Privacy Hell

by splork on January 10, 2014

I still have no idea how Google+ works. At this time I am glad I never bothered.

Supposedly Google has updated their wonderful social service to integrate with Gmail. The idea is that you should be able to contact a fellow Google+ user without the need to share email. All those asshats that you have followed or plussed or whatever the hell you do will show up in your Gmail contacts. Oh joy.

I can only imagine what the financial reasons for this was. Seriously, I can only imagine because they don’t do anything unless there is a way to put their stupid ads in front of eyballs. I am so happy with DuckDuckGo and Startpage it almost makes me weep thinking about it.

On Facebook I follow a number of people that I would never want to email me unless there was a mutual exchange. All of a sudden having everyone I follow have access to my email would suck. The potential for spam, I would think, would be considerable.

I’m sure there are opt-outs and settings you can click and flick. But Google’s abject disregard to privacy is stunning. Well actually it’s not. Wasn’t it their former Chief Eric Schmidt who made fun of privacy? I mean, hell, if you are using Google at any level you pretty much forfeit your online privacy.

Yet another stellar reason for using if you are so inclined to use a free email service. Privacy with Outlook, and Ymail for that matter? I think only slightly better than Google. But I’ll take it.

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Barry January 10, 2014 at 7:33 pm

Google reminds me of the old tent revivalists, the ones who talked about God and purity and trust and faith, took all the money the poor mountain folks in the patched bib coveralls had in their pockets, promised salvation and glory in the after life and then proceeded on their merry way, laughing all the time about how dumb those hillbilllies are.

G spends its time figuring out two things.

1. How to keep the SEO world in turmoil (remember how an exact match domain name was the holy grail — until it wasn’t?)

2. How to consolidate and excend its strangle hold on search and all web activity.

If you listen to the pious bullshit they spew about “increasing the quality of the search expereience” and try to square that with the Google-sponsored ad-spammed results that typically show up, you’ll find you can’t; it’s a textbook case of cognative dissonance.

I switched from Miscrsoft to Ubuntu Linux, I use Firefox, I use Outlook or Bing or Duck Duck Go, I use my own email, I use nothing from Google or Microsoft if I can help it.

I can’t wait to read the pious, self-serving bullshit they’ll spew about this latest disaster.

Happy New Year, Splork, You’re one of the few emails I look forward to reading, keep it up, please.



Jez January 11, 2014 at 4:24 pm

G+ never made sense to me, my gmail account is burned,
I,m much happier with Outlook.Com atm.
Google went from great to vile so quickly.


splork January 11, 2014 at 7:04 pm

@Barry – I don’t get Google. I frankly find them to be a scary damn corporation. They control too much information and I don’t know for certain but they seem really comfortable with the United States government which is the scariest organization this world has ever seen.

Thanks for reading.

@Jez – I really kind of like Outlook. It is minimalist and does exactly what I need it to do. That said I receive no email into a free account that I would be afraid for the NSA or other entities hell bent on co-opting my privacy to collect.


I Fart Upon Google's Collective Face January 22, 2014 at 12:14 am

I can honestly say that I have never given Google a valid piece of personal information in my life. I have several Gmail accounts that I use for IM purposes, and not one of them has anything to do with my real personal info. They only deserve fake stuff, not my real information. I give fake names, fake birthdays, fake everything. I will stand defiantly, laugh loudly, and happily continue this charade against the machine.


Barry Harmon February 1, 2014 at 8:45 am

Hi Splork,

Check out Midori, the Privacy Browser. I put it up on my Ubuntu Linux machine and it seems to work fine. their default search engine is your baby, Duck Duck Go, and that works well, too.

I’m using Thunderbird, the Linux email program, and that is working well, too.

I haven’t turned on my Windows 7 machine in over a week now and the world hasn’t ended. I haven’t used Google in almost a week.

You should take a look at Ubuntu, it’s easy to install and use and sooooo much faster, easier and lighter than Windows. It’s a real breath of fresh air.



P.S. This is a possible dupe — I hit a wrong key and things went splat, Dunno what happened.


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