About this Website

What’s All This About?

Lost Ball used to be a place that I vented my nonsense about Internet marketing. On August 23, 2011 I informed my visitors that I  will be broadening my interests and writing about other topics.

Like many people I have varied interests and like some I find myself enjoying writing about them. Internet marketing was a likely muse to let out my frustrations about my travels through what I like to call the “web sewers”. I was a “lost ball” trying to make money in a cult of crap products and wiry bullshitters who like to part fools from their money.

I now endeavor to kick the mythical Lost Ball into new weeds. I have said all I can say about Internet marketing and have decided to use the blog to say things about other topics. I had a great group of people visiting Lost Ball for my side kilter view of IM. Perhaps I can continue to interest them as well as entice others to see what is ahead in the new patch of weeds.

Lost Ball returns to the Web Sewers from whence it came. Internet marketing vents will resume as well as discussions concerning any website and SEO activities that I might participate in. Blogging about “other topics” was a dismal failure. – Splork, January 26, 2012

You can email me at splork1 at yahoo.com